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The CALL to E.V.E Consciousness

Just as there was a change in consciousness, a change in the understandings of our path as humans, and a change in the understandings of God when Christ came to earth through Jesus, it is time again for change. We are ready to step into our next level of understanding and we are being called to invoke the gifts God placed within us all… to step into the destiny that Jesus spoke of when he said "greater things than these" will you do. (John 14:12) It is time and we are ready to have our eyes opened to the next level of truth. This truth is called E.V.E consciousness. It is time to have the lack in our understanding filled. The apparent distance between science, spiritual experience, and the traditional teachings of the church are to be united into one story that brings light to the truth of them all.

What does this mean for you? It means a new outlook on life. It means rearranging how you perceive the world. It means letting go of fear and other habitual thoughts that have limited your experience and limited what you perceive yourself to be. It means no longer being a slave to thought patterns that have restricted your level of faith. It means understanding the truth of what faith is. It means letting your eyes of faith be opened and the miracles that result come forward. Like a herd of racing horses, the new understanding will pour forth and bring a dramatic upheaval to this world. An upheaval to the injustice that has been perceived. Upheaval to the suffering consciousness that has been prevalent for so long, along with the life events that suffering consciousness bring to pass. This upheaval will turn the world upside down and inside out ...until the next world that has always been intended, and was spoken of as the world where the lion lays with the lamb... this new world... will emerge. This world of peace. This world of prosperity. This world of coming together with God as the newly realized God within, no longer the God without. This is when humans will emerge as the Sons of God they truly are, doing the works of Jesus and beyond.

Now it is time. Now it is called to be. Now you will hear. Accept the invitation and allow this new era of E.V.E Consciousness to bring you further than ever into the light. The new Light that will wash away your fears, your impoverishment, your suffering, your pain.

Come into the joyous love that awaits us all as we step into our predestined purpose!

Join us.

E.V.E Consciousness brings
Science, Spirituality and the Church together.

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