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E.V.E Consciousness World Tour

E.V.E Consciousness presents a fresh perspective to our understanding of the path of life. This new outlook unveils gifts and tools that will expand your faith for what's possible, and transform what you're getting in life. To view the itinerary, CLICK HERE.

Spirit-Led Guidance

Gain powerful insights while exploring your own natural gifts and upgrading your story

Powerful Guest Presenters

Powerful presentations by leading edge experts in creative consciousness

Multilingual Support

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Come Weave With Me...

After the three day conference there will be three life-changing excursions available, including:


Mountaintop Experiences in Zermatt Switzerland at the highest peaks in Europe, connection with nature, beautiful scenic train rides through the Swiss Alps

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The Mary Magdalene Caves of La Sainte Baume France and other sacred sites in the region relating to Ancient Christian Mysticism

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Ancient historic Rome Italy, the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, Basilicas of Saints, the Vatican and an audience with Pope Francis

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E.V.E Consciousness

Dr. Leslie Wells presents E.V.E Consciousness

  • Dr Leslie Wells
    Leslie Wells

    Dr Leslie Wells

    North Carolina

  • You'll Learn:

    • The three stages of Consciousness Evolution and how to access their gifts
    • How to ALIGN with the new stave we have now entered - E.V.E Consciousness
    • How to take charge of your Energetic Vibrational Exchange (E.V.E) for rapid abundance and joy

    You'll leave with new abilities to:

    • Move into the God Frequency to shift your wellbeing and ability to receive "miracles", in an instant!
    • Utilize the Technology of Faith to fulfill your dreams and your destiny
    • Make massive and lasting changes in your quality of life

Leadership Team

We are proud to introduce the panel of experts for the E.V.E Consciousness Lugano 2017 Conference

  • Bev and Tom Rodgers
    Bev Rodgers

    Drs Bev & Tom Rodgers

    Soul Healing Love
    North Carolina

  • Manu Khullar
    Manu Khullar

    Manu Khullar

    Energy Mind Medicine

  • Antonella Lo Re
    Antonella Lo Re

    Antonella Lo Re

    Seven Steps to Joy

  • Duffy Glazer
    Duffy Glazer

    Duffy Glazer

    North Carolina

  • Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
    Jessica Fasquel

    Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

    Suffering to Infinite

  • Audrey Scully
    Dale Bach

    Audrey Scully

    Joy Is The Key
    United Kingdom

Enjoy 7 days of Transformative Growth!
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Learn about: The Call to E.V.E, The 3 Day E.V.E Lugano Conference, and The 3 Available EVEcursions. Download this informative PDF to view options and pricing.

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Swiss Diamond Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel located in Lugano, well-known in all Switzerland as much as in Northern Italy for its exclusivity and excellence. In a fascinating corner of Lugano lake surronded by the enchanted view of the montains, Swiss Diamond Hotel uniquely combines Alps majesty with Lugano Lake romanticism.

Swiss Diamond Hotel



Riva Lago Olivella - 6921, Lugano - Vico Morcote, Switzerland
+41 91 735 00 00
6.9 mi / 11.2 km from Downtown

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Registration includes an exclusive tour of the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan and a viewing of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, two hour meet and greet on Thursday, the E.V.E Consciousness conference Friday through Sunday cofee breaks, and lunch on Saturday during the Last Supper tour. Optional accomodations are available for rooms at the Swiss Diamond Hotel for 4 nights, check in on Thursday check out on Monday. Optional excursions to Rome, La Sainte Baume, and Zermatt are available as a separate booking. For questions or information, call (843) 251-4282.

Early Bird Discount good through September 27th, 2017. Register today to take advantage of discount pricing for the conference. Optional accommodations and excursions may be booked separately.

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Registration entitles you to a stream key which you will be required to provide when you log in to view the EVEnt. You must provide your email address to receive your Stream Key. The Lugano EVEnt coordinator will provide instructions regarding the specific web address to log into to view the stream. For questions or information, call (843) 251-4282.

Early Bird Discount good through September 27th, 2017. Register today to take advantage of discount pricing for the conference.