E.V.E Consciousness
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Dr Leslie Wells

Dr Leslie Wells Presents

EVE Consciousness Workshop

Where and When:
10am - 4pm, August 26, 2017
The Langham, Auckland
83 Symonds Street
Auckland 1010
New Zealand

Suggested $100 donation or Koha from the Heart

This workshop with Dr. Leslie Wells will help you align your Energetic Vibrational Exchange (E.V.E), to embrace all that is possible in this 3rd stage of consciousness evolution - E.V.E Consciousness.

You will discover how to focus your inner creative forces, and open to recieve gifts and abilities to realize the life of your dreams.

Learn how abundance can be yours with a thought. Receive exactly what you want with ease

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You'll Learn about:

  • The three stages of Consciousness Evolution and how to access their gifts
  • How to ALIGN with the new stage we have now entered - E.V.E Consciousness
  • How to take charge of your Energetic Vibrational Exchange (E.V.E) for rapid abundance and joy
  • How to harness Sexual Energy as a creative force to launch your intention into its material expression

You'll Experience:

  • Moving into the God Frequency with sound activation through Spiritual Language and breath
  • Writing a Cosmic Order, then create and activate the energy symbol that contains it (this is the method Dr. Leslie brought through when she ordered her magical marriage 7 years ago, and received her delivery in 5 days!)
  • Using the latest technology to change false beliefs that block your heart's intention from coming, including:
      Manu Khullar
    • a meditative process that incorporates hypnosis, NLP and visualizations with expert Manu Khullar from Geneva, Switzerland
    • the Forgiveness Decree (many thanks to Sylvia Vowless) to release blocks from past grievances
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) to align the subconscious mind with your wishes