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Audrey Scully

Audrey Scully Presents

EVE Consciousness® Workshop

Where and When:
2pm, July 31, 2017
Stockholm, Sweden
Location TBA

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You'll Learn about:

  • The three stages of Consciousness Evolution and how to access their gifts
  • How to ALIGN with the new stage we have now entered - E.V.E Consciousness
  • How to take charge of your Energetic Vibrational Exchange (E.V.E) for rapid abundance and joy

Gain new abilities to:

  • Move into the God Frequency to shift your wellbeing and ability to receive "miracles"
  • Utilize the Technology of Faith to fulfill your dreams and your destiny
  • Write your own energized Cosmic Order and A.L.I.G.N. to allow it to enter your reality
  • Use SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) breath and focus methods to change your energetic vibrational state in an instant

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